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The International Management Centres Association (IMCA) is a professional association established in 1964 and a corporation noble granted the right to arms in the UK by the sovereign in 1985. IMCA conducts workplace action learning and awards professional qualifications. IMCA's work is supported by a distinguished Court of Honorary Members and work with more than 60 corporations around the globe.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Faculty of Corporate Studies

Its been a long but exciting journey for the FCS as we move forward this year. With big things happening now in the UK and inquiry from South Africa it seems that the concept of the corporate business school, or Enterprise School of Management, as Gordon Prestoungrange once referred to it as, is now emerging as a very desirable option for organisations wanting to create a learning culture.

The one IMCA concept is also gaining momentum and that is good for all of our learners across the globe. I'm sure that as the global recession bites, that action learning's time has at last come. Although action learning has been around for many years, its now becoming recognised as a valid and very real way for companies to deliver a great return on the their T & D spend. One united IMCA is a wonderful tool for us to help advance the action learning cause.