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The International Management Centres Association (IMCA) is a professional association established in 1964 and a corporation noble granted the right to arms in the UK by the sovereign in 1985. IMCA conducts workplace action learning and awards professional qualifications. IMCA's work is supported by a distinguished Court of Honorary Members and work with more than 60 corporations around the globe.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Barchester invites SOCRATES onboard

The latest SOCRATES installation took place the week commencing 20th July 2009 in London, England with the creation of the Barchester Business School. Barchester Health is a major player in the aged care industry in the UK and decided to use the action learning process to create their own business school using the SOCRATES platform. Barchester's position as a leading edge service provider is reflected in their desire to create leading edge learning opportunities for their managers and leaders.
Dr Terry Tucker, Director Barchester Learning, Development and Hospitality is already an IMCA graduate having earned her Doctorate through the SEAL program run by IMCA's Dr Joanna Kozubska. Dr Kozubska will be the Barchester Business School's Accreditation Advisor and Dr Tucker the school's inaugural Dean.
Terry's commitment to action learning as the major driver for organisational learning was instrumental in their decision to commit to the SOCRATES platform. Barchester plans to have their first intake of learners in October of this year. We wish Terry and her team all the very best for their exciting new venture and welcome them into the IMCA faculty.
Terry can be contacted on should you wish to make contact with her. She plans to be at the IMCA graduation ceremony in Oxford this year, so please make yourself known to her and make her welcome as part of the IMCA family.
Dr Garry Luxmoore